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    The Festival Handicaps

    Well first of all let's hope they take place but in the meantime you may like to consider this article.

    Or not

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    Firstly I don't know who's written this and the article itself is a year old but I think the concept is probably 10 years old. I remember 2 completely separate guys drawing similar conclusions a number of years ago. One touting the idea that it was getting harder and harder to sneak in plot jobs because complete and utter handbrake jobs weren't making the cut anymore. The other concluding lines along the class horses at the top were now starting to be favoured as weights got condensed.

    For me I don't really think that information benefits a punter like myself who pays as close to zero attention to trends and stats as any punter could possibly take as I just think in general they are minging ! The great thing about things like this as as soon as an article like that sways a host of punters in one direction the value will be found in the other. Punters I've found in the main like people flock to an idea, the more and more you see the media pundits all start saying the same stuff. You get a punter like Simon Rowlands who to my mind is one of the most knowledgeable in the game, he used to talk speed figures, then everybody caught up, then he talked sectionals, everybody caught up in a few years time the media pundits will all be talking about a horses cadence and Simon Rowlands will be another stride ahead. Guys like him and the likes of Beyer and Mordin before him and there are plenty others of course plenty who can be innovators rather than regurgitators are the people worth listening to not to say they are always right of course but at least they are original.
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