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Thread: Suarez ban

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Orchid View Post
    I think Luis did to begin with. Someone on here also suggested Chiellini made the 'bite' marks himself. Can't be arsed going back through the thread to see who.
    I suggested that he made the "bite" marks himself. I am still suggesting that he made the marks himself - largely because they are not bite marks.

    I did, however, specifically state that he clearly bit him - just not enough to make the marks shown, hence my confusion at Hamm's comment.
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    And Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone..

    Really mate your way over the top with such a suggestion.

    If he was my team mate I'd never want to set foot in the dressing room again with him.

    His apology was scripted for him, he's an animal and should be banned for life.

    Football/sport has no place for clowns like him and trying to make it any less of a horrendous act is a bit lame.

    You can't really expect people to believe that Chiellini made those marks himself and the actual bite left no mark or miraculously disappeared
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