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Thread: Racing Post website

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    Good luck, Marbs.
    Ah! but a man's reach should exceed his grasp......

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    Sweet mate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond Geezer View Post
    I see a few well known names are taking voluntary redundancy from the RP including Graham Dench, Jon Lees and Alistair Down although I think the latter may still contribute on a freelance basis. The word is they feel they can no longer work with Bruce Millington and were delighted to be offered a way out.
    I'd heard all was not well there so this doesn't surprise me in the slightest. It amazes me how arrogant the Editor must be. But then again I did a piece for a well-known Equine & Dog magazine a few weeks ago - 350 words of a point to point report from a Sunday meeting. OK not much but I did it to the word the deadline being Monday morning at 10am which I did fine despite getting home quite late from the point to point. It was exactly as they asked - a few quotes and some references to hunting. I read my published piece - completely different! And now badly written with poor English but still my name on it. I have been asked to do next Sunday's meeting at Bratton Down which I will do but I wonder what the point is - the Editor may as well just ask for the main points and write her own piece if she's that controlling.
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    IIRC, the last time I had a letter published in the Weekender it had been edited slightly. I didn't mind that. What I minded was that the headline bore no resemblance to the point I was making!
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