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Thread: Equine Retirements, Long Term Injuries and Departures

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    My all time favourite chaser.

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    Denman was the absolute epitome of a staying chaser. He was immense around Newbury but I'll always remember that utter demolition job in the 2008 Gold Cup. Kauto quite rightly will always be remembered as the greatest chaser of that era but on that particular day Denman was untouchable and probably put up a bigger performance than KS ever did around Cheltenham.

    RIP tank

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    How lucky were we that when Kauto Star came along, so too did Denman, and each of them could demonstrate how brilliant the other one was? A golden era, I miss them both.

    Farewell old boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybrandian View Post
    How lucky were we that when Kauto Star came along, so too did Denman, and each of them could demonstrate how brilliant the other one was? A golden era, I miss them both.

    Farewell old boy.
    ...and then Nipper goes and wins the National to frank the form even more!

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    He's responsible for so many great memories, both on his own, and with his epic battles with Kauto.

    I agree with Bear, his Gold Cup win against Kauto, as much as I find it hard to admit, was probably better than any of Kauto's performances around HQ. For me though I'll always remember him best for what was the greatest weight carrying performance in my living memory when he won that Hennessy. To do that to a field of such quality, giving so much weight away, was simply awesome.

    Thanks for the memories fella, RIP.

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    For all their abuse on here (deserved), the RP tweeted out the below picture of Kauto and Denman - happier times

    Some people say heís the best since Arkle and thatís certainly true when you look at what heís done

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    Perhaps if they had not both been around at the same time, Denman would/could have been hailed as one of the greatest of all time, Kauto would have overshadowed any other horse, but as someone has already said maybe one would not have been quite so great without the other. Very sad they have both gone as deserved long and happy retirements. One dreams of having a horse as good as either of them, but really half as good would be amazing as these type of horses really only come along once in a racing fan's lifetime.

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    Little did we think the day Denman won his maiden in Liscarroll p2p the future he would have.
    Bobbawn won a winners race the same day, was every bit as impressive yet never won again, the effects possibly of a less then successful wind op. (rumour)
    He laid it down again and again at Festival and was a joy to watch each and every time.
    Djakadam should not be forgotten either as his Festival record with a little bit of luck would have included at least one win.
    he also outscores Denman 7 Grade 1 wins to 4, not that it means anything other than he was there year on year running against the best and held his form through it all.

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