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Friday 5th August 2022

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Not a day to inspire me, really.

I've done a couple; one a short-price fav and another that hasn't won on turf for two years.

First, the favourite which is:

Bergerac - 8.20 Newmarket - 11/8 Win Won 11/8

Not the sort of price that will finance a living on the Channel Islands but it doesn't win, I'll be nettled. (Oldsters might get the TV references there).

I've had my eye on this one for a few runs and today they apply eye-wear to improve his chances and have entered him into what the BHA would consider to be a cavalry charge - three runners. I took 11/8 last night but not for much but feel I should do it and will, therefore, recommend it with 'A winner's a winner' tag.

The headgear did the trick along with an enterprising ride. Excellent

Just one more:

Sir Chauvelin -2.40 Musselburgh - 8/1 Ew ( bet last night) Won 17/2

This old boy's been around the tracks for years, hasn't he? It seems like the only place he can win these days is on the Newcastle cat litter.. So, an 8yo who hasn't won on turf for two years? Right up Jim's street.

And so it goes. Uncle Jim puts in another veteran and with the inflated odds of 17/2. My lucky few days continues and, for the moment, the Betfair sprites smile upon me.

Only a light engagement but I thought I'd put these up anyway.

2 X singles
Win double

Good luck

A good day with two selections, two winners. Ideal

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  1. 2017diary's Avatar
    Give me an 11/8 winner every day & that will do for me
    Updated 5th August 2022 at 8:24 PM by 2017diary
  2. Outsider's Avatar
    Somehow I missed this but I did back Sir chauvelin in my ew Canadian.

    Well done mate 2 nice winners.
  3. Monkey's Avatar
    Well done.