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  1. P/L threads by outsider

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    P/l 161.69pts+

    Sharjah 420p 1pt ew 14/1
    Crimson rosette the 400y 1pt win 7/2
    Frozen flame 620h 1pt ew 14/1
    Design matters 605p 0.5pt ew 66/1
    Veinard 455p 0.5pt ew 33/1
    Carriq cathal 455p 0.5pt ew 25/1
  2. Explain The Bet

    Hello all. This is the start of Marble's Blog.

    Catterick 5:10

    This Wednesday.

    Quite a strong fancy for me in the shape of Ruth Carr's Explain.

    A solid handicapper who can win of different goings and preferably left handed tracks, Explain ran a nice race last time, and should come on for the run.

    I do believe he is fairly handicapped too.


    Updated 24th April 2018 at 10:12 AM by Marble