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Bits and Pieces

Iím not a great fan of this time of the year. There are too many strange results at the fag end of the jumping season as many a fancied runner has already called it a day and is just out for an afternoon stroll. Add to those the disappointments who suddenly realise theyíve got to earn a bit of corn to keep themselves in comfort for another year and you can really throw your formbook out of the window. Best to keep your money in your pockets if you can.

The flatís in swing, though, so thatís ok. Really? The floors littered with slips for short priced runners who have not lived up to last seasonís reputation or have been beaten by ugly ducklings who have become swans. Wait until youíve seen them run! intones the post-it note on my screen. Until then............Best to keep your money in your pockets if you can.

Unfortunately, I neither have the discipline nor the patience to do whatís best for me.

Ah! Joy of joys. Thereís a couple I have watched and put in my tracker running this week-end. They might start the ball rolling as long as they donít drift.....bacause I donít back drifters, do I. Come on Red Poppy and Rosstafarian, get me started.

  1. Ascot review



    ARECIBO was given a bit too much to do by Jamie Spencer. His major effort was 2 - 1 furlongs where he was fastest of all, but he could not sustain this in the final furlong although still third fastest.

    KEEP BUSY ran well without being quite good enough on ground that was perhaps quicker than ideal for her. She ran the second fastest final furlong


    ELDRIKJONES may have ...
  2. Sir Rumi cheers up the day

    Well, after getting miserably wet Sir Rumi cheered me up despite incurring Pamís wrath sorting it out over breakfast. Even better got back too late from dinner for Call Me Ginger race so avoided the decision thanks to not wanting to get another earful from Pam.

    Nothing tomorrow unless the market shouts for Auria who showed a lot of promise last time out, although sheís up in class, up in distance and faces meeting her victor on the same terms for a 3 length beating. Will be interested ...
  3. Walking in Wales

    Enjoying a break this week walking on the Gower which is lovely and quite quiet. Only Wednesday and already knackered. Canít resist keeping in touch, of course, and one Iíve been waiting for runs today Sir Rumi in the 3:45 at Haydock. At the same time I saw that Call Me Ginger was running in the 8:15 at Hamilton. Hereís a horse that owes me a lot so do I live with the evidence of the disappointments or look to get it back since heís a big market mover this morning. Not Ďtil tonight so Iíll muse ...
  4. Funny Day

    Bit odd today that after a dearth of my trackers coming through seven should arrive today. Unfortunately they were opposing each other in several races so there was no bet.

    One of them ended up in a titanic battle between my two in the 3:05 at Yarmouth. Title prevailed over Sea Karats in the end after a right old ding dong down the straight with the rest puffing along five or more lengths adrift. A good pair these two who Iím sure will make their mark in higher things. I didnít bet, ...
  5. Pluses and Minuses

    Fall of Rome demonstrated yesterday why itís dangerous to get involved at longish odds on, whilst Rosstafarian demonstrated today that long odds are not much good when the horse is out of its depth.

    On the plus side today there were strong wins from Arecibo at Newmarket - won with a ton in hand so might get hit hard by the handicapper, Flotus who looked pretty smart at Goodwood (although the second Prism would have finished a lot closer had she not lost her place a couple out and ...
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