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  1. Wednesday 10th August 2022

    Not a great days racing in terms of worthwhile bets.

    I had originally intended to do Climate in the Salisbury 3.30 but although it's Frankie's only mount at the meeting and seems to have the very best chance on it's recent Gp2 2nd, My feeling is that the price, for a 'good thing' seems, funnily enough, too long. If she was showing even money, I think he might be more of a bet.

    For that reason, I'm swerving her and instead go for an ew in the race in the shape of: ...

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  2. Monday 8th August 2022

    I have hopes for two today:


    Ardamir - 5.25 Balinrobe - 13/3 Ew Win 13/2

    Won that cosily, with very little fuss. Excellent and brings another profit for the day.

    The favourite is Vado Forte but I'm wondering who would take 6/4 on this ground when all wins have been on sft or g/sft?

    Ardamir is 10yo, sure, and although he'd looked regressive recently, the bare form's not the whole story.

    Only two hurdle ...

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  3. Sunday 7th August 2022

    A lazy Sunday for me the highlight of which will be a country walk with a pair of binoculars, I think.

    I will do a couple today but be warned: I wouldn't be putting anyboday's mortgage on, let alone my own. I have a bet for interest today and different reasons for each of my two selections.

    My first is:

    Frankenstella - 5.15 Haydock 9/1 Ew nr

    This is a mare I've followed from early on in her racing career, which would have been more full ...

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  4. Saturday August 6th 2022


    The Saturday headache arrives once more: an abundance of racing and the Betfair Sprites beckon like ancient sirens luring us onto the rocks with promises of luscious bounty. I, for one have been dashed on their rocks on many an occasion, left flailing in the foam.

    These days, Iím able to resist their charming calls and try to steer a safer course and so keep my bets as level-headed as possible, expecting the worst but enjoying the journey.

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  5. Friday 5th August 2022

    Not a day to inspire me, really.

    I've done a couple; one a short-price fav and another that hasn't won on turf for two years.

    First, the favourite which is:

    Bergerac - 8.20 Newmarket - 11/8 Win Won 11/8

    Not the sort of price that will finance a living on the Channel Islands but it doesn't win, I'll be nettled. (Oldsters might get the TV references there).

    I've had my eye on this one for a few runs and today they apply ...

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