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  1. Chelt III

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    Another thrilling day but money was hard to come by for me. Some good runs but just not good enough.

    Elegant Escape ran a really good race and in his second season, he could well improve to dine at the top table, as they say.

    Min looked a bit green, strange to say but may be with another summer on his back he could challenge ...
  2. Day II at Chletenham

    Top class sport. How thrilling was that?!

    With the bookies kept at bay, it turned out not such a bad dayís betting for me. A miracle, I call it.

    Tomorrow has us flummoxed already, of course. An extra difficult card, I think. The first race? well I just donít know. Iíll throw ew darts for two: Black Op and Brahma Bull.

    Iím not feeling that this is the best RSA weíve ever seen. Iím left clutching at straws, ...
  3. The Roar

    Itís here.

    All in all, Iíve a very quiet and uninvolved season. At one point I decided to rein back on the betting and see if I could rekindle my enthusiasm at all. Well, I have and itís been the relaxing that has done it for me. So now the festival is here itís all good.

    What hope do we have? On the face of it there might well be four Ďgood thingsí go in tomorrow but you know the festivalÖ.Annie Power. Still, I suppose you can only say it as ...