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    Best of luck mate. I'm sure a few will follow you on Midnight Shadow. He looks to have a very good chance.
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    Some decent ones there mate.
    For what it's worth my ew nap is MIDNIGHT SHADOW 20/1 for the plate on thursday.
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    Thanks a lot Paul.

    Hopefully see you at Cheltenham in 2021.

    I really want to make a second visit.
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    Many happy returns Martin, and good luck with the bets today.
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    Lovely. Wins @ 16/1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simmo
    88th would get in to the Coral Cup quite regularly.
    I was only going on what Kevin Blake said in his blog.4 out of the last 5 runnings 137 didnt make it.
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    88th would get in to the Coral Cup quite regularly.
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    I'm not sure soloman will get in the coral cup.88th in lost so they will have to win the imperial cup to get in.
    Isnt there a bonus for winning the imperial and any race at Cheltenham.
    It's funny they havent entered it for the m.pipe.
    I'm sure skeleton knows what hes doing,doesnt he?
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    Yeah Outsider, but I wouldn't want to see him declared for The Imperial Cup over 2M though. My preferred place to go, before a tilt at Cheltenham, is Taunton on Thursday.
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    I must say I'm getting interested now in soloman grey.
    For it to be it's only entry is the coral cup is interesting.
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    Well spotted Marbs, hope a few took note.