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  1. Cover Of The Racing Post

    I'm a Lifelong racegoer just like many many others
    And I love everyplace I go
    From the point to point to Cheltenham to Longchamp to Listowel
    I've made all kinds of friends had all kinds of thrills
    But the thrill I have never known
    Is the thrill that'll get you when you get your picture
    on the cover of the Racing Post !

    Racing Post' gonna get my picture on the cover
    Racing Post; gonna buy five copies for my brothers
    Racing Post; ...
  2. G-G-G-Galway !

    The city of the Tribes has a Summer full of festivals from Arts to Racing to Oyster to regattas to whatever else brings in the visitors. Once Summer is over it reverts to being a University City, the West is awake in this city that never sleeps.
    Surrounded by a rugged landscape that bears truth to the old saying that where there is scenery there is hardship, Galway racing festival is not for the faint hearted, human or equine.
    Connacht people used to hardship since deemed also- ...
  3. Stand By Douvan ( as written by Brownie Guinan; part owner of Poet Power)

    Sometimes it's hard when you're Willie Mullins
    Great expectations; making plans
    He'll have losers. they will be bruisers
    That punters won't try to understand
    But he's had more winners than they've had hot dinners
    making winners out of also rans
    He goes into battle with Ruby in the saddle
    Fliess the Irish flag at Cheltenham

    Stand by Douvan ! no need to push or shove him
    Just let the reins off to him, he is the one ...
  4. Memories of Tjukurrpa

    Alas the next day was never to be, the filly found dead on the morning of Tuesday July 25.
    The end of July was to be decision time, this date postponed to Season end after her impressive Listowel third placing.
    Informing the other syndicate members is the worst part ; luckily many are farmers who live with the disappointment of dead stock on a regular enough basis to realise that these things happen and to appreciate that it is nobody's fault a lot of the time.
    I have already ...
  5. Apache Gold Goes Country ( with apologies to Johnny Cash)

    I am the proud part owner of a racehorse; his name is Apache Gold
    Apple of Jackson Kiely's eye ever since he was a foal
    When spotted by Jackson, who thought he would make a racehorse
    And the pleasure he has given has been well worth the cost.

    Now when Jackson first saw Apache , he was in a field near Doneraile
    On a farm owned by Michael Duane in a place called Ballintlea
    And that is where Jackson had his horse racing dream
    But to embark on ...
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